Note: Any ability not listed is not considered when calculating your Body Ratio



Coast Haven1.0
Dark Dwarf (Darrow Mar)1.0
Dark Elf (Ilythiiri)1.0
High Elf (Quinarian)1.0
Sylvan Elf (Selendrian)1.0



Arch Caster1
Arch Caster 2nd Purchase1
Arch Caster 3rd Purchase1
Master Rogue2
Master Rogue 2nd Purchase2
Master Rogue 3rd Purchase2
Master Warrior3
Master Warrior 2nd Purchase3
Master Warrior 3rd Purchase3

Promotional Skill


!!!Alter Ego2
Bloody Roar3
Brilliant Deflect3
Chaotic Madness3
Cut Purse2
Deep Cover2
Deft Counter3
Draconic Hide3
Enhanced Psionic Attacks1
Expert Identification1
Expert Reflexes2
Greater Heal Life1
Heros Last Stand3
Holy Word1
Ki Strike3
Legendary Work3
Loan Shark2
Rapid Fire3
Sea Legs3
Sear the Very Soul2
Secret Recipe1
Stealth Strike2
Transmute Form1
Unbreakable Voice1
Unyielding Pursuit3
Wild Mastery1
Witchfinders Zeal3
Woodland Stride3



Armor Efficiency3
Blind Fighting3
Detect Poison1
Extort +12
Favored Disguise2
Forgery Proficiency +11
Identify Compound1
Sense Life1
Tolerance +13
Wield Faith1

General Weapons


1-Handed Blunt3
1-Handed Edged3
2-Handed Blunt3
2-Handed Edged3
Backstab Proficiency +13
Bastard Blunt3
Bastard Edged3
Blunt Mastery3
Edged Mastery3
Florentine Master3
Improvised Weapon3
Ranged Weapon Proficiency +13
Shafted Mastery3
Shield, Small3
Shield, Medium3
Shield, Large3
Shield Mastery3
Small Weapon3
Stone Fists3
Strength +13
Thrown Weapon3
Unarmed Combat3
Unarmed Proficiency +13
Weapon Proficiency +13



Alchemist - Herbal Recipies1
Druid - Herbal Recipies1
Healer - Herbal Recipies1
Physician - Herbal Recipies1
Herbal I:Potion of Lesser Healing1
Herbal I:Potion of Purification1
Herbal I:Salve of Healing1
Herbal I:Salve of Soothing1
Herbal II:Clarity Bomb1
Herbal II:Potion of Lesser Antidote1
Herbal II:Potion of Lesser Refreshment1
Herbal II:Potion of Moderate Healing1
Herbal III:Elixir of Healthfulness1
Herbal III:Potion of Greater Healing1
Herbal III:Potion of Rehabilitation1
Herbal III:Smelling Salts1
Herbal IV:Potion of Greater Antidote1
Herbal IV:Potion of Greater Refreshment1
Herbal IV:Potion of Superior Healing1
Alchemist - Hermetic1
Hermetic I:Fire Bomb1
Hermetic I:Giant Strength1
Hermetic I:Potion of Ironskin1
Hermetic I:Vial of Light1
Hermetic II:Alchemical Adhesive1
Hermetic II:Itching Powder1
Hermetic II:Oil of Slipperiness1
Hermetic II:Powder of Gripping1
Hermetic III:Explosive Bomb1
Hermetic III:Paste of Mending1
Hermetic III:Potion of True Heroism1
Hermetic III:Salve of Stone to Flesh1
Hermetic IV:Acid Bomb1
Hermetic IV:Oil of Searing Heat1
Hermetic IV:Potion of Invisibility1
Alchemist - Poison Recipies1
Assassin - Poison Recipies1
Physician - Poison Recipies1
Poison I:Lesser Blade Poison1
Poison I:Lesser Ingested Poison1
Poison I:Potion of Blindness1
Poison I:Potion of Weakness1
Poison II:Blade Tranquilizer1
Poison II:Moderate Blade Poison1
Poison II:Moderate Ingested Poison1
Poison II:Potion of Sleep1
Poison III:Contact Poison1
Poison III:Greater Blade Poison1
Poison III:Greater Ingested Poison1
Poison III:Potion of Crippling Nausea1
Poison IV:Contact Sleep Poison1
Poison IV:Death Poison1
Poison IV:Sleep Blade Poison1



Identify Item1
!!!Create Codex1
!!!Create Manuscript1
Create Tome1
Arcane Tradition1
Arcane Illumination I1
Arcane Illumination II1
Arcane Illumination III1
Arcane Illumination IV1
Bardic Tradition1
Bardic Illumination I1
Bardic Illumination II1
Bardic Illumination III1
Bardic Illumination IV1
Druidic Tradition1
Druidic Illumination I1
Druidic Illumination II1
Druidic Illumination III1
Druidic Illumination IV1
Religious Tradition1
Divine Illumination I1
Divine Illumination II1
Divine Illumination III1
Divine Illumination IV1



Smith - Knowledge3
Smith-Knowledge-1-Basic Materials3
Smith-Knowledge-2-Uncommon Materials3
Smith-Knowledge-3-Exceptional Materials3
Smith-Knowledge-4-Transcendent Materials3
Smith - Metalsmithing3
Smith-Metalsmithing-1-Forge/Repair Armament3
Smith-Metalsmithing-2-Reinforce Armament3
Smith-Metalsmithing-3-Field Repair Armament3
Smith-Metalsmithing-4-Temper Armament3
Smith - Weaponsmithing3
Smith-Weaponsmithing-1-Hone Weapon3
Smith-Weaponsmithing-2-Weapon Guard3
Smith-Weaponsmithing-3-Forge Superior Weapon3
Smith-Weaponsmithing-4-Forge Exalted Weapon3
Smith - Armorsmithing3
Smith-Armorsmithing-1-Gird Shield3
Smith-Armorsmithing-2-Balance Armor3
Smith-Armorsmithing-3-Forge Superior Armor3
Smith-Armorsmithing-4-Forge Exalted Armor3



Physician - Path - Trauma1
Physician - Trauma I: Advanced First Aid1
Physician - Trauma II: Bind Wounds1
Physician - Trauma III: Triage1
Physician - Trauma IV: Battle Surgery1
Physician - Path - Specific Injury1
Physician - Specific Injury I: Treat Blackout1
Physician - Specific Injury II: Set Limb1
Physician - Specific Injury III: Reattach Limb1
Physician - Specific Injury IV: Continuing Care1
Physician - Path - Surgical1
Physician - Surgical I: Dissect1
Physician - Surgical II: Autopsy1
Physician - Surgical III: Surgery1
Physician - Surgical IV: Resuscitate1
Physician - Path - Poison1
Physician - Poison II: Treat Poison1
Physician - Poison III: Passive Immunity: Poison1
Physician - Poison IV: Inoculate: Poison1
Physician - Path - Disease1
Physician - Disease II: Cure Disease1
Physician - Disease III: Passive Immunity: Disease1
Physician - Disease IV: Inoculate: Disease1
Physician - Path - Psychology1
Physician - Psychology I: Psychoanalyze1
Physician - Psychology II: Cure Minor Insanity1
Physician - Psychology III: Sever Mind Control1
Physician - Psychology IV: Cure Major Insanity1



Achilles Strike3
Body Block3
Body Shot3
Break Limb3
Break Shield3
Chaos Blast3
Chaotic Alteration3
Critical Attack3
Disarm / Retain3
Dissipate Negative Energy3
Flame Shot3
Holy Strike3
Inflict Pain3
Paralyzing Strike3
Puncture Armor3
Sever Limb3
Shatter Weapon3
Shield Bash3
Stunning Blow3
Trick Shot3


Ignore Poison3


Armor Patch3
Athletic Feat3
Battle Cry3
Cloak Of The Green2
Concentrate Alchemy1
Disarm Traps2
Dread Surgery2
Escape Restraints2
Extract Truth2
Forgery / Detect Forgery1
Gift Of The Predator3
Hunters Awareness3
Instill Confidence3
Iron Body3
Keen Senses3
Material - Meteoric Earth with Elemental Shield1
Material - Meteoric Fire with Elemental Shield1
Natural Elemental Shield1
Natural Ignore Magic1
Negative Energy Fortitude3
Poison Discharge3
Positive Energy Barrier3
Positive Energy Concentration3
Prayer Shield3
Psionic Shield1
Quick Bind3
Second Chance2
Smash Door3
Spirit Of The Dragon3
Strength Of The Samurai3
Treasure Sense2


Basic Disguise2
Advanced Disguise2
Expert Disguise2
Monstrous Disguise2
Extend Disguise2
Basic Entry / Escape2
Advanced Entry / Escape2
Expert Entry / Escape2
Detect Disguise2
Detect Traps2
Find Hidden Doors2
Hide in Shadows2
Pick Basic Locks2
Pick Complex Locks2
Pick Masterwork Locks2
Pick Pockets2



Master Plan2
Set Traps3



Air Sphere1
Air I:Feather Fall1
Air I:Gust of Wind1
Air I:Shockwave1
Air II:Cloak of Wind1
Air II:Lightning Shield1
Air II:Static1
Air III:Levitate1
Air III:Wall of Wind1
Air IV:Lightning Storm1
Air IV:Windwalker1
Earth Sphere1
Earth I:Earth Anchor1
Earth I:Earth Armor1
Earth I:Stone Grip1
Earth II: Quicksand1
Earth II:Change Stone to Flesh1
Earth II:Earth Shield1
Earth III:Stoneskin1
Earth III:Wall of Earth1
Earth IV:Change Flesh to Stone1
Earth IV:Meld with Earth1
Enchantment Sphere1
Enchantment I:Deep Pockets1
Enchantment I:Grant Strength1
Enchantment I:Overlook1
Enchantment II:Break Mind Control1
Enchantment II:Feather Weight1
Enchantment II:Magic Weapon1
Enchantment III:Mind Shield1
Enchantment III:Protect Item1
Enchantment IV:Blink1
Enchantment IV:Magical Sanctuary1
Fire Sphere1
Fire I:Fire Strike1
Fire I:Heat Object1
Fire I:Light1
Fire II:Cloud of Smoke1
Fire II:Fireball1
Fire II:Flame Shield1
Fire III:Inferno1
Fire III:Scorching Touch1
Fire IV:Fiery Vengeance1
Fire IV:Incinerate1
Illusion Sphere1
Illusion I:Blur1
Illusion I:Chromatic Orb1
Illusion I:Illusionary Script1
Illusion II:Blind1
Illusion II:Color Spray1
Illusion II:Hide Object1
Illusion III:Phantom Strike1
Illusion III:True Sight1
Illusion IV:Displacement1
Illusion IV:Invisibility1
Illusion IV:Revealing Glyph1
Necromancy Sphere1
Necromancy I:Create Lesser Undead1
Necromancy I:Necromantic Shroud1
Necromancy I:Rot Flesh1
Necromancy II:Fortify Undead1
Necromancy II:Necromantic Shield1
Necromancy II:Putrify1
Necromancy III:Control Undead1
Necromancy III:Necrotic Paralysis1
Necromancy IV:Create Greater Undead1
Necromancy IV:Harvest Your Soul1
Warlockery Sphere1
Warlockery I:Feign Death1
Warlockery I:Vertigo1
Warlockery I:Weaken1
Warlockery II:Cloak of Shadows1
Warlockery II:Frighten1
Warlockery III:Drain Life1
Warlockery IV:Wither Limb1
Water Sphere1
Water I:Freeze Ground1
Water I:Ice Shard1
Water II:Freeze Limb1
Water II:Ice Shield1
Water II:Revive1
Water III:Fluid Motion1
Water III:Ice Spear1
Water IV:Encase with Ice1
Water IV:Tsunami1
Wizardry Sphere1
Wizardry I:Detect Magic1
Wizardry I:Lock1
Wizardry I:Magic Missiles1
Wizardry II:Lesser Dispel Magic Effect1
Wizardry II:Mage Hand1
Wizardry III:Magical Wall1
Wizardry III:Silence1
Wizardry IV:Dispel Magic1
Wizardry IV:Suppress Magic1



Bards and Spell Songs I:Fanfare of Bravery1
Bards and Spell Songs I:Lyric of Inspiration1
Bards and Spell Songs I:Lyric of Perseverance1
Bards and Spell Songs I:Lyric of Protection1
Bards and Spell Songs I:Nocturne of Refreshme1
Bards and Spell Songs I:Riddle of Deceit1
Bards and Spell Songs II:Lyric of Translation1
Bards and Spell Songs II:Nocturne of Speedy R1
Bards and Spell Songs II:Requiem for the Fall1
Bards and Spell Songs II:Requiem for the Suff1
Bards and Spell Songs II:Requiem of Bound Fat1
Bards and Spell Songs II:Riddle of Confusion1
Bards and Spell Songs III:Fanfare of Victory1
Bards and Spell Songs III:Lyric of Suggestion1
Bards and Spell Songs III:Nocturne of Empower1
Bards and Spell Songs III:Nocturne of Recover1
Bards and Spell Songs III:Requiem of Sanctuar1
Bards and Spell Songs III:Riddle of Loyalty1
Bards and Spell Songs IV:Fanfare of the Turni1
Bards and Spell Songs IV:Lyric of Cacophony1
Bards and Spell Songs IV:Lyric of Refuge1
Bards and Spell Songs IV:Nocturne of Soothing1
Bards and Spell Songs IV:Nocturne of Undistur1
Bards and Spell Songs IV:Requiem for the Dead1



Domain - Authority1
Authority I:Grovel1
Authority I:Quell1
Authority II:Commanding Mind1
Authority II:Cower1
Authority III:Capture1
Authority III:Conscript1
Authority IV:Control1
Authority IV:Majesty1
Domain - Compassion1
Compassion I:Calm1
Compassion I:Patience1
Compassion II:Forgiveness1
Compassion II:Mercy1
Compassion III:Friendship1
Compassion III:Self Control1
Compassion IV:Call of Peace1
Compassion IV:Calm Discourse1
Domain - Corruption1
Corruption I:Corrupted Thoughts1
Corruption I:Temptation1
Corruption II:Corrupt Strike1
Corruption II:Rot Tongue1
Corruption III:Corrupt Health1
Corruption III:Corrupt Loyalty1
Corruption IV:Corrupt Obscuration1
Corruption IV:Rot Limb1
Domain - Creation1
Creation I:Mend1
Creation I:Quick Thinking1
Creation II:Artisans Knowledge1
Creation II:Momentary Enlightenment1
Creation III:Gift of the Maker1
Creation III:Inspiration1
Creation IV:Change Composition1
Creation IV:Efficiency1
Domain - Darkness1
Darkness I:Bring Shadows1
Darkness I:Night Eyes1
Darkness II:Cause Blindness1
Darkness II:Cause Fear1
Darkness III:Step Into the Night1
Darkness III:Void Strike1
Darkness IV:Curse of the Doomed1
Darkness IV:Vengeance1
Domain - Death1
Death I:Rot1
Death I:Weaken Foe1
Death II:Face of Death1
Death II:Soul Lance1
Death III:Steal Vitality1
Death III:Whispers through the Black Gate1
Death IV:Grant Death1
Death IV:Reapers Gaze1
Domain - Destruction1
Destruction I:Rend Armor1
Destruction I:Rend Flesh1
Destruction II:Breach1
Destruction II:Brutalize1
Destruction III:Phantom Attack1
Destruction III:Shatter1
Destruction IV:Decimate1
Destruction IV:Pulverize1
Domain - Fate1
Fate I:Flare1
Fate I:Secret Pocket1
Fate II:Eye for an Eye1
Fate II:Knock1
Fate III:Negate Curse1
Fate III:Relocate1
Fate IV:Displace1
Fate IV:Threads of Fate1
Domain - Knowledge1
Knowledge I:Know Age1
Knowledge I:Memorize1
Knowledge II:Comprehend Languages1
Knowledge II:Detect Truth1
Knowledge III:Pure Sight1
Knowledge III:Sense Deception1
Knowledge IV:Quiet Contemplation1
Domain - Law1
Law I:Chains of Justice1
Law I:Negate Chaos1
Law II:Halt1
Law II:Shield of Law1
Law III:Bring Justice1
Law III:Confession1
Law IV:Imprison1
Law IV:Legal Contract1
Domain - Life1
Life I:Breath of Life1
Life I:Detect Life1
Life II:Life Shroud1
Life II:Preserve Life1
Life III:Anoint1
Life III:Lay Hands1
Life IV:Divine Restoration1
Life IV:Gift of Life1
Domain - Light1
Light I:Bring Hope1
Light I:Holy Light1
Light II:Brilliant Spray1
Light II:Illumination1
Light III:Pure Sight1
Light III:Revealing Light1
Light IV:Luminescent Beam1
Light IV:Restoring Light1
Domain - Mayhem1
Mayhem I:Anarchy1
Mayhem I:Entropic Burst1
Mayhem II:Feast of Havoc1
Mayhem II:Unstable Motion1
Mayhem III:Havoc Shield1
Mayhem III:Lightning Surge1
Mayhem IV:Curse of Madness1
Mayhem IV:Winds of Confusion1
Domain - Purification1
Purification I:Cure Disease1
Purification I:Cure Poison1
Purification II:Cure Mind1
Purification II:Neutralize Alchemy1
Purification III:Heal Disease1
Purification III:Restore Sensory Ability1
Purification IV:Remove Curse1
Purification IV:Unbind1
Domain - Sacrament1
Sacrament I:Lay Hands Minor1
Sacrament I:Purify Food and Drink1
Sacrament I:Sanctify1
Sacrament II:Aid1
Sacrament II:Guardian Prayer1
Sacrament II:Lesser Dispel Prayer Effect1
Sacrament III:Divine Negation1
Sacrament III:Divine Sanctuary1
Sacrament III:Divine Vestments1
Sacrament IV:Banishment1
Sacrament IV:Divine Sphere of Protection1
Domain - Spirit1
Spirit I:Consecrate Soul1
Spirit I:See Spirits1
Spirit II:Restore Control1
Spirit II:Turn Undead1
Spirit III:Smite Undead1
Spirit III:Speak with the Dead1
Spirit IV:Spirit Stasis1
Spirit IV:Spirits Release1
Domain - Torment1
Torment I:Cause Wounds1
Torment I:Hobble1
Torment II:Aggravate Wounds1
Torment II:Cause Pain1
Torment III:Shield of Suffering1
Torment III:Tormenting Snare1
Torment IV:Desperate Isolation1
Torment IV:Pain Paralysis1
Domain - War1
War I:Blessed Armor1
War I:Prowess1
War II:Protect Armament1
War II:War Shield1
War III:Divine Blast1
War III:War Blade1
War IV:Blade of Victory1
War IV:Call to War1



Decay I: Deaths Scent1
Decay I: Decompose1
Decay II: Corrode1
Decay II: Decaying Weapon1
Decay III: Leeching Restoration1
Decay III: Raven Swarm1
Decay IV: Decay into Earth1
Decay IV: Feast of Crows1
Domain - Fauna1
Fauna Domain I:Animal Empathy1
Fauna Domain I:Cat-like Grace1
Fauna Domain II:Animal Companion1
Fauna Domain II:Bear Strength1
Fauna Domain III: Eagle Eyes1
Fauna Domain III:Jump1
Fauna Domain IV:Instinct1
Fauna Domain IV:Maul1
Domain - Flora1
Flora Domain I:Germinate1
Flora Domain I:Grasp with Roots1
Flora Domain II:Nightshade1
Flora Domain II:Poison Ivy1
Flora Domain III:Barkskin1
Flora Domain III:Wall of Thorns1
Flora Domain IV:Entwine with Vines1
Flora Domain IV:Thorn Strike1
Natural Transposition1
Domain - Tempest 1
Tempest Domain I:Forceful Gust1
Tempest Domain I:Starlight / Solar Ray1
Tempest Domain II:Blinding Fog1
Tempest Domain II:Shield of Nature1
Tempest Domain III:Call Lightning1
Tempest Domain III:Howling Wind1
Tempest Domain IV:Eye of the Storm1
Tempest Domain IV:Natures Wrath1
Domain - Vitality 1
Vitality Domain I:Cure Minor Wounds1
Vitality Domain I:Purify Food and Drink1
Vitality Domain II:Inviolate Form1
Vitality Domain II:Revive1
Vitality Domain III:Commune with Nature1
Vitality Domain III:Cure Serious Wounds1
Vitality Domain IV:Dispel Druidic1
Vitality Domain IV:Restoration1



Wounds I: Cure Light Wounds1
Wounds II: Heal Wounds1
Wounds III: True Distant Heal1
Wounds IV: Heal All Wounds1
Injury I: Healing Splint1
Injury II: Regenerate Limb1
Injury III: Heal Limb1
Injury IV: Heal All Afflictions1
Mortality I: Detect Health1
Mortality II: Sustain Life1
Mortality III: Spirit Tether1
Mortality IV: Heal Life1
Ailment I: Soothe1
Ailment II: Neutralize Poison1
Ailment III: Cure Sensory Ailment1
Ailment IV: Cure Paralysis1
Empathic I: Pain and Wounds1
Empathic II: Injury and Ailment1
Empathic III: Mortal Conditions1
Empathic IV: Death1



ESP School1
ESP School I:Bestow Daydream1
ESP School I:Intensify1
ESP School II:Anger1
ESP School II:Psychic Charm1
ESP School III:Foresight1
ESP School III:Fortify Will1
ESP School IV:Know Location1
ESP School IV:Psionic Reflection1
Psionic Assaults1
Psionic Assaults I:Lesser Ego Whip1
Psionic Assaults I:Lesser Psychic Blast1
Psionic Assaults II:Ego Whip1
Psionic Assaults II:Psychic Blast1
Psionic Assaults III:Greater Ego Whip1
Psionic Assaults III:Greater Psychic Blast1
Psionic Assaults IV:Mind Thrust1
Psionic Assaults IV:Psionic Bolt1
Psychokinesis School1
Psychokinesis School I:Minor Telekenesis1
Psychokinesis School I:Stumble1
Psychokinesis School II:Kinetic Disarm1
Psychokinesis School II:Telekenesis1
Psychokinesis School III:Greater Telekenesis1
Psychokinesis School III:Inertial Barrier1
Psychokinesis School IV:Pyrokenesis/Cryokenes1
Psychokinesis School IV:Stasis1
Psychosomatic School1
Psychosomatic School I:Cell Adjustment1
Psychosomatic School I:Strengthen Body1
Psychosomatic School II:Heal Mind1
Psychosomatic School II:Psionic Isolation1
Psychosomatic School III:Hypnosis1
Psychosomatic School III:Paranoia1
Psychosomatic School IV:Psionic Stun1
Psychosomatic School IV:Suppress Memory1
Telepathy School1
Telepathy School I:Mind Probe1
Telepathy School I:Telepathy1
Telepathy School II:Mind Blank1
Telepathy School II:Truth Ear1
Telepathy School III:Plant Suggestion1
Telepathy School III:Weaken Will1
Telepathy School IV:Dominate1
Telepathy School IV:Psionic Beckoning1

Wild Mage

G1:Effects-Wild Mage

Random Rank I Spell1
Random Rank II Spell1
Random Rank III Spell1
Random Rank IV Spell1

Arch Caster


Arch Caster Teacher1
Battle 1 - Spell Holding1
Battle 1 - Weapon Cast1
Battle 2 - Double Power1
Battle 2 - Spell Surge1
Battle 3 - Perfect Cast1
Battle 4 - Battle Casting1
Thaumaturgy 1 - Lay Over1
Thaumaturgy 1 - Spell Proficiency +11
Thaumaturgy 2 - Double Cast1
Thaumaturgy 2 - Spell Tether1
Thaumaturgy 3 - Arcing Cast1
Thaumaturgy 4 - Absolute Power1
Valance 1 - Alchemy Shield1
Valance 1 - Elemental Ward1
Valance 2 - Enchanted Armor1
Valance 2 - Mind Citadel1
Valance 3 - Negation1
Valance 4 - Resist1

Master Rogue

H1:Master Rogue

Deception 1 - Caltrops2
Deception 1 - Hidden Pocket2
Deception 2 - Death Wish2
Deception 2 - Quick Reflexes2
Deception 3 - Safe House/Hidden Stash2
Deception 4 - Secret Passage2
Master Rogue Teacher2
Murder 1 - Lacerate2
Murder 1 - Skilled Poisoning2
Murder 2 - Gouge2
Murder 2 - Venom Strike2
Murder 3 - Poison Bomb2
Murder 4 - Assassinate2
Shadow 1 - Evade2
Shadow 1 - Master Stealth2
Shadow 2 - Avoid2
Shadow 2 - Shadow Leap2
Shadow 3 - Conceal2
Shadow 4 - Vanish2

Master Warrior

H1:Master Warrior

Finesse 1 - Encumbering Strike3
Finesse 1 - Perfect Focus3
Finesse 2 - Double Strike3
Finesse 2 - Perfect Balance3
Finesse 3 - Weapon Mastery3
Finesse 4 - Perfect Form3
Master Warrior Teacher3
Power 1 - Crushing Blow3
Power 1 - Rend Limb3
Power 2 - Cripple3
Power 2 - Devastating Strike3
Power 3 - Weapon Mastery3
Power 4 - Slay3
Protection 1 - Repel3
Protection 1 - Slam3
Protection 2 - Defensive Fighting3
Protection 2 - Intercede3
Protection 3 - Weapon Mastery3
Protection 4 - Immaculate Defense3


H2: Artificer

Artificer 1 - Armaments3
Artificer 1 - Battle Smithing3
Artificer 1 - Improvements3
Artificer 2 - Advanced Battle Smithing3
Artificer 2 - Advanced Improvements3
Artificer 2 - Metallurgy3
Artificer 3 - Master Forge3
Artificer 3 - Master Hammer3
Artificer 4 - Armament Mastery3
Artificer 4 - Battle Mastery3
Artificer 4 - Improvement Mastery3


H2: Ascendant

Ascendant 1 - Strength of Will1
Ascendant 2 - Psi-Mastery1
Ascendant 3 - Overwhelming Will1
Ascendant 3 - Psychic Leech1
Ascendant 4 - Esper1
Ascendant 4 - Force of Will1


H2: Ceremonialist

Ceremonialist 1 - Blessings1
Ceremonialist 1 - Item Creation1
Ceremonialist 1 - Sanctification1
Ceremonialist 2 - Prophesy1
Ceremonialist 2 - Pulpit1
Ceremonialist 2 - Sacrifice1
Ceremonialist 3 - Holy Symbol1
Ceremonialist 3 - Holy Tome1
Ceremonialist 4 - Brazen1
Ceremonialist 4 - Chronicler1
Ceremonialist 4 - Dark Pantheon1
Ceremonialist 4 - Enax1
Ceremonialist 4 - Light Pantheon1


H2: Daredevil

Daredevil 1 - Expert Agility2
Daredevil 2 - Escape Artist2
Daredevil 3 - Counter Throw2
Daredevil 3 - Rolling Strike2
Daredevil 4 - Athletic Fighting2
Daredevil 4 - Master Contortionist2

Dark Paladin

H2: Dark Paladin

Dark Paladin 1 - Shadow Blade3
Dark Paladin 2 - Vile Will3
Dark Paladin 3 - Armor of Horror3
Dark Paladin 3 - Entropic Blast3
Dark Paladin 4 - Litany of Doom3
Dark Paladin 4 - Slaughter3

Dashing Swordsman

H2: Dashing Swordsman

Dashing Swordsman (Heroic Swashbuckler) 3
Dashing Swordsman 1 - Swordsmans Style3
Dashing Swordsman 2 - Contempt / Retort3
Dashing Swordsman 3 - Bravado3
Dashing Swordsman 3 - Flourish3
Dashing Swordsman 4 - Hand Musket3
Dashing Swordsman 4 - Riposte3

Draconic Legionnaire

H2: Draconic Legionnaire

Draconic Legionnaire 1 - Path of the Dragon3
Draconic Legionnaire 2 - Armor of the Dragon3
Draconic Legionnaire 3 - Charge3
Draconic Legionnaire 3 - Draconic Vengeance3
Draconic Legionnaire 4 - Draconic Fury3
Draconic Legionnaire 4 - Kings Guard3

Dread Pirate

H2: Dread Pirate

Dread Pirate 1 - Scourge of the Seas2
Dread Pirate 2 - Under the Black Flag2
Dread Pirate 3 - Pistol Whip2
Dread Pirate 3 - Sucker Punch2
Dread Pirate 4 - Blunderbuss2
Dread Pirate 4 - Fearsome Reputation2


H2: Dreadnaught

Dreadnaught 1 - Chaos Infusion3
Dreadnaught 2 - Strength of Insanity3
Dreadnaught 3 - Desolation3
Dreadnaught 3 - Terror3
Dreadnaught 4 - Mark of Chaos3
Dreadnaught 4 - Master of Chaos3

Druidic Elder

H2: Druidic Elder

Elder 1 - Hexes and Boons1
Elder 1 - Item Creation1
Elder 1 - Shape Shifting1
Elder 2 - Advanced Shape Shifting1
Elder 2 - Awakenings1
Elder 2 - Seasons1
Elder 3 - Idol1
Elder 3 - Totem1
Elder 4 - Fauna1
Elder 4 - Flora1
Elder 4 - Geomancy1
Elder 4 - Tempest1
Elder 4 - Vitality1


H2: Dungeoneer

Dungeoneer 1 - Scavenge2
Dungeoneer 2 - Shadow Adept2
Dungeoneer 3 - Deceive Item2
Dungeoneer 3 - Trap Attack2
Dungeoneer 4 - Bypass2
Dungeoneer 4 - Trap Master2

Elemental Warden

H2: Elemental Warden

Elemental Warden 1 - Elemental Infusion1
Elemental Warden 2 - Walking the Elements 1
Elemental Warden 3 - Chaos Storm 1
Elemental Warden 3 - Strength of Will 1
Elemental Warden 4 - Elemental Focus1
Elemental Warden 4 - Elemental Vortex 1

Emerald Huntsman

H2: Emerald Huntsman

Emerald Huntsman 1 - Emerald Attunement3
Emerald Huntsman 2 - Pounce3
Emerald Huntsman 3 - Bleeding Strike3
Emerald Huntsman 3 - Gifts of the Earth3
Emerald Huntsman 4 - Cowl of the Emerald Coven3
Emerald Huntsman 4 - Might of the Emerald Edge3


H2: Infiltrator

Infiltrator 1 - Hidden Spaces2
Infiltrator 2 - Breadth of Experience2
Infiltrator 3 - Disguise Other2
Infiltrator 3 - Manipulation2
Infiltrator 4 - Counter Interrogation Cyanide2
Infiltrator 4 - Deception2


H2: Kensai

Kensai 1 - Sword Saint3
Kensai 2 - Ki Focus3
Kensai 3 - Arterial Slash3
Kensai 3 - Honor Guard3
Kensai 4 - Crimson Wave3
Kensai 4 - Defiance3


H2: Kingpin

Kingpin 1 - Gang2
Kingpin 2 - Contingency Plan2
Kingpin 3 - Black Market2
Kingpin 3 - Well Connected2
Kingpin 4 - Gang War2
Kingpin 4 - Untouchable / Alibi2


H2: Marauder

Marauder 1 - Fury3
Marauder 2 - Wrath3
Marauder 3 - Sunder3
Marauder 3 - Traumatic Strike3
Marauder 4 - Spell Cleave3
Marauder 4 - Unstoppable Force3

Night Blade

H2: Night Blade

Night Blade 1 - Assassin Mastery2
Night Blade 2 - Strike from the Shadows2
Night Blade 3 - Crippling Retreat 2
Night Blade 3 - Poison Mastery 2
Night Blade 4 - Garrote 2
Night Blade 4 - Limitless Poison 2

Paladin Acolyte

H2: Paladin_1

Paladin Acolyte 1 - Blessed Life 3
Paladin Acolyte 2 - Detect Malicious Intent 3
Paladin Acolyte 3 - Blessed Blood 3
Paladin Acolyte 3 - Divine Touch 3
Paladin Acolyte 4 - Armor of Valor 3
Paladin Acolyte 4 - Temporal Freedom 3


H2: Paladin_2

Paladin 1 - Sword of Ancestors 3
Paladin 2 - Destroy Evil 3
Paladin 3 - Robe of Light 3
Paladin 3 - Will of the Paladin 3
Paladin 4 - Divine Intervention 3
Paladin 4 - Paladin Life 3

Pioneer Academic

H2: Pioneer Academic

Pioneer Academics 1 - Archivist I1
Pioneer Academics 1 - Explorer I 1
Pioneer Academics 1 - Inventor I1
Pioneer Academics 1 - Professor I1
Pioneer Academics 2 - Archivist II 1
Pioneer Academics 2 - Explorer II 1
Pioneer Academics 2 - Inventor II1
Pioneer Academics 2 - Professor II 1
Pioneer Academics 3 - Archivist III 1
Pioneer Academics 3 - Explorer III 1
Pioneer Academics 3 - Inventor III1
Pioneer Academics 3 - Professor III 1
Pioneer Academics 4 - Archivist IV1
Pioneer Academics 4 - Explorer IV1
Pioneer Academics 4 - Inventor IV 1
Pioneer Academics 4 - Professor IV 1

Pioneer Occultist

H2: Pioneer Occultist

Pioneer Occultist 1 - Apothecary I 1
Pioneer Occultist 1 - Astrology I 1
Pioneer Occultist 1 - Flasks I1
Pioneer Occultist 1 - Philosophers Stone I 1
Pioneer Occultist 2 - Apothecary II1
Pioneer Occultist 2 - Astrology II1
Pioneer Occultist 2 - Flasks II1
Pioneer Occultist 2 - Philosophers Stone II 1
Pioneer Occultist 3 - Apothecary III 1
Pioneer Occultist 3 - Astrology III1
Pioneer Occultist 3 - Flasks III1
Pioneer Occultist 3 - Philosophers Stone III1
Pioneer Occultist 4 - Apothecary IV1
Pioneer Occultist 4 - Astrology IV1
Pioneer Occultist 4 - Flasks IV1
Pioneer Occultist 4 - Philosophers Stone IV1

Pioneer Surgeon

H2: Pioneer Surgeon

Pioneer Surgeon 1 - Cadaver Study I1
Pioneer Surgeon 1 - Equipment I1
Pioneer Surgeon 1 - Psychology I 1
Pioneer Surgeon 1 - Surgeon I 1
Pioneer Surgeon 2 - Cadaver Study II 1
Pioneer Surgeon 2 - Equipment II 1
Pioneer Surgeon 2 - Psychology II 1
Pioneer Surgeon 2 - Surgeon II 1
Pioneer Surgeon 3 - Cadaver Study III 1
Pioneer Surgeon 3 - Equipment III 1
Pioneer Surgeon 3 - Psychology III 1
Pioneer Surgeon 3 - Surgeon III 1
Pioneer Surgeon 4 - Cadaver Study IV 1
Pioneer Surgeon 4 - Equipment IV 1
Pioneer Surgeon 4 - Psychology IV 1
Pioneer Surgeon 4 - Surgeon IV 1


H2: Sensei

Sensei 1 - Elemental Infusion3
Sensei 2 - Aikido3
Sensei 3 - Nirvana3
Sensei 3 - Throat Strike3
Sensei 4 - Abundant Step3
Sensei 4 - Mystic Form3


H2: Sentinel

Sentinel 1 - Master of the Hunt3
Sentinel 2 - Stalk3
Sentinel 3 - Bola3
Sentinel 3 - Unstoppable Pursuit3
Sentinel 4 - Hunters Mark3
Sentinel 4 - Vigilance3

Shadow Hunter

H2: Shadow Hunter

Shadow Hunter 1 - Hunters Path3
Shadow Hunter 2 - Hunters Repertoire3
Shadow Hunter 3 - Improved Barrier3
Shadow Hunter 3 - Positive Energy Blast/Anchor3
Shadow Hunter 4 - Laurent Belmont Lineage3
Shadow Hunter 4 - Reign Lineage3
Shadow Hunter 4 - Sanguine Trophy3
Shadow Hunter 4 - Von Ritter Lineage3


H2: Songweaver

Songweaver 1 -Weave Resonance1
Songweaver 2 - Accelerando1
Songweaver 3 - Inspirational Storyteller1
Songweaver 3 - Temporal Distortion1
Songweaver 4 - Hollow Song1
Songweaver 4 - Temporal Sonata1
Songweaver 4 - Temporis Guard1


H2: Sorcerer

Sorcerer 1 - Manipulate Blue Strands1
Sorcerer 1 - Manipulate Red Strands1
Sorcerer 1 - Manipulate Yellow Strands1
Sorcerer 2 - Manipulate Green Strands1
Sorcerer 2 - Manipulate Orange Strands1
Sorcerer 2 - Manipulate Purple Strands1
Sorcerer 3 - Sorcery Staff1
Sorcerer 3 - Sorcery Wand1
Sorcerer 4 - Black Sorcery1
Sorcerer 4 - Blue Mastery1
Sorcerer 4 - Green Mastery1
Sorcerer 4 - Orange Mastery1
Sorcerer 4 - Purple Mastery1
Sorcerer 4 - Red Mastery1
Sorcerer 4 - White Sorcery1
Sorcerer 4 - Yellow Mastery1
Sorcerer Teacher1

Soul Warden

H2: Soul Warden

Soul Warden 1 - Vessel of Life1
Soul Warden 2 - Life Stream1
Soul Warden 3 - Empathy Mastery1
Soul Warden 3 - Font of Life1
Soul Warden 4 - Positive Energy Conduit1
Soul Warden 4 - Veil Mastery1


H2: Targeter

Targeter 1 - Master Marksmen3
Targeter 2 - Impossible Shot3
Targeter 3 - Rain of Fire3
Targeter 3 - Ranged Intervention3
Targeter 4 - Kill Shot3
Targeter 4 - Unwavering Volley3
Targeter Teacher3


H2: Templar

Templar 1 - Divine Infusion3
Templar 2 - Divine Wrath3
Templar 3 - Flight on Divine Wings3
Templar 3 - Resist Alignment3
Templar 4 - Seal of Defiance3
Templar 4 - Seal of Vengeance3
Templar Teacher 3


H2: Vanguard

Vanguard 1 - Front Line Fighter 3
Vanguard 2 - Battle Line 3
Vanguard 3 - Determination 3
Vanguard 3 - Spell Breaker 3
Vanguard 4 - Battle Commander 3
Vanguard 4 - Battle Strategist 3
Vanguard Teacher3


H2: Warlord

Warlord 1 - War Veteran 3
Warlord 2 - Weapon Focus 3
Warlord 3 - Consistent Prowess 3
Warlord 3 - Devastating Strength 3
Warlord 4 - Combat Persistence 3
Warlord 4 - Eviscerate 3
Warlord Teacher3